About our customers and partners

Our optical components are particular, individualized parts that always belong to a larger product. For example, we develop and produce a lens for an endoscope, which is installed in an assembly. But how does that cooperation work?

The final destination of an endoscope – or other medical technology products – is the operating room. Often, representatives of medical device suppliers are present during surgeries to explain their products and make suggestions for improvement. Development and production are carried out directly by this company or by OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partners. These are necessary because no single company can produce the entire range of essential individual parts – such as our optics.

Therefore, we work closely with OEM partners and medical device suppliers worldwide, who collect the parts and combine our optical components with the rest of the features. However, what is unique about FWOZ is that we produce the optics and assemblies ourselves. This means that we are highly trained and specialized in combining our optics with mechanical and electronic components. We bring our experience not only in production but also in development. Our engineering team supports you in transforming the initial idea into a finished product – of course, not only in medical technology.


Other news

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Endoscopes make it possible to look inside the body without performing major invasive procedures. But how does an endoscope work? René Zünd explains which optical components are necessary and what task they fulfil.

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Minimally invasive interventions are standard in many medical fields – from knee arthroscopies to colonoscopies. They require using ultra-modern, tiny cameras that provide insights into the body. Feinwerkoptik Zünd is an expert in developing and producing these cameras, especially their lenses. CEO René Zünd tells us how the use of cameras in medicine could develop in the future with even more advanced technology. So how small can cameras become?  

Over 20 years of experience

Gut gelaunt und professionell sind drei unserer langjährigsten Mitarbeiterinnen täglich bei Feinwerkoptik Zünd anzutreffen. Sofia Santos und Filippina Prestagiacomo sind seit 27 Jahren bei uns dabei, Sanela seit 24 Jahren.