After the optimal concept has been found and discussed, the product development is professionally implemented in the system design.

However, it is also possible that no concept phase is carried out at the customer's request and detailed development is started directly. However, this requires knowledge of the concept.

When developing the system design, commercially available software is used for the optical design and mechanical design. In addition, these tools - in particular the optics design software Code V - were supplemented with powerful, self-written macros and thus empirical values ​​in order to ultimately know the developed system even better and to produce even more securely and stably.

During the design phase, too, we use our distinctive optics and optomechanical design knowledge and develop imaging or non-imaging systems, zoom systems, focusing and miniaturized systems.

We often also lead interdisciplinary teams for hardware and software as well as image processing and digitization by jointly determining the specifications.