We have been manufacturing miniaturized optical components and opto-mechanical assemblies according to customer requirements for over 30 years.

The optical components are divided into spherical and plano-optical components, as well as optical assemblies. These are then often further processed and assembled into opto-mechanical assemblies.

We offer spherical optical components with diameters from 0.45 to approx. 10.0 millimeters.

We offer plano-optical components with characteristic sizes from 0.5 to approx. 100.0 millimeters.

The optical and opto-mechanical assemblies can represent completely different products, e.g.: achromats, beam splitters, lenses, filter systems, lighting, miniaturized camera systems, chip-in-tip systems for surgical robots or endoscopes.

We process all optical glasses, quartz and also ceramics.

During production, we attach particular importance to quality and delivery reliability, as well as the use of the latest production technologies, which ultimately enables us to manufacture leading products.