Over 20 years of experience

Every day, three of our longest-serving employees can be found in a good mood and professional at Feinwerkoptik Zünd. Sofia Santos and Filippina Prestagiacomo have been with us for 27 years and Sanela Gasanin for 24. Sofia and Sanela work in the production of our optics and are responsible for work such as centring, fine cementing, polishing, and packing. Filippina then takes over the final inspection but has also gained several years of experience in production.

The three women are still enthusiastic about their work and the company even after so many years. They especially like the family atmosphere and the tangible appreciation. They give their best daily to meet all deadlines and supply the customers with the best quality. The fact that they receive a "thank you" for this on demanding days, when targets have been met means a lot. Also appreciated, of course, are the creative company events such as hikes or barbecues, the helpfulness of the team and the varied daily routine.

Sofia, Sanela and Filippina are also active in their free time. Sofia is passionate about hiking, and Filippina and Sanela like to be out and about in the city. However, the most important and favourite thing is time with the family – indoors or outdoors.


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